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A chicken and an egg are lying in bed.
The chicken leans back smoking a cigarette, satisfied.

The egg grabs the sheet and rolls over saying
Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question.



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Follow the white rabbit…
vintage metal timer
Even with time out camping ‘off the grid’ I can manage to spend.
My Easter bunny. A present to myself from a cool vintage shop in Dungog NSW. Seemed like a sign considering Good Friday’s post on egg timers I did the day before. FYI: He’s enamel not plastic.

vintage bunny rabbit kitchen timer on cutting mat copy
Also tracked down a country Vinnies [thrift / op shop]. Score.
Bought this odd spoon [among many other things including cutting mat above] for 50c because I liked the wooden handle, realised later it’s probably for fishing eggs out of boiling water. If certainly will anyway…

bunny rabbit kitchen timer vintage egg spoon copy
Or help you be the egg & spoon race champion.
[Great gift idea, Nanny, thanks]

vintage wooden egg spoon
And no, not propping with chocolate, because that’s what you might eggspect. Plus there’s none left.

Hope you had a lovely break.


Believe [in] it or not, it’s here again…vintage ormanent plastic egg timervintage china bird egg trinket box

Happy Easter peeps.
What’s cooking? We’re off for some free range AKA camping. Have a great timer whatever you do.

I’m not sure why [the Dickens] I bought this, it’s too big to be an egg cup and nowhere near large enough for my chocolatary  [I know, not a real word] demands.


Fine China Fabergé wannabe. $20.

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