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fifties harlequin gayware canisters replica_rect

Gayware. Truly. It’s a thing. Or was. And of course still is.

Made in Sydney by Gay Plastics from 1950-1965.
The harlequin [multicoloured] set of kitchen canisters are the most sought after and can pull big money. Sometimes selling on Ebay for $200-300.

This is my collection of mixed up wannabes. Picked up in various places at different times, finally coming together after a yard sale score on Saturday.

Only the blue one is true Gayware. The rest are old fakers [unbranded vintage knock offs, check their bottoms]. Though they look pretty real. And pretty damn good. Except for the F lid. It’s a bit cracked up. Aren’t we all…


old 1950s_gayware_adNot for sale, hire only.

Vintage Tupperware Pink

Vintage Tupperware & plastics in gorgeous 1950s gelato colours.

Standby for icey blues, green, yellow and white.

A little bit of green.

The cutlery tray is Gayware. Yes, Gayware. It was the 50’s.

A Sydney product too, fittingly.

Just the tip of the ice [blue] berg…

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