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Pumpkin Atrocities!waechsterbach West Germany tumbler vintage toy heelvintage Minerware pineapple jug and tupperware leaves corersThis is as close to a pumpkin as I get, I’m afraid. It’s not a favourite vegetable, put mildly. Though I do like the colour combo.

Very excited about having a few days away after tonights escapades. roaming the streets with a 5 year old she devil and a crazy wizard skeleton dude with plastic nunchucks. As you do. Or as we do, now in Australia. Kids will do anything for free lollies… Scary.

So anyway cheers everyone, Happy Halloween!

PS Sorry if you can’t see the other pumpkin atrocities on this wicked Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX link.  A classic. Series 20 ep 4. It’s on itunes. Includes Homer in a Mad Men title sequence parody, Lisa’s Mailbu Stacey doll car turning into a Transformer [Sex-bot: where havent I been?] and Milhouse and The Grand Pumpkin [re pumpkin seeds: You roast the unborn?]

No trick or treating for us this year. Going a bit crazy, stuck indoors with a very sick little boy.

Sadly here are the empty buckets.

Halloween_frankenstein_bucket green felt trick or treatHalloween_frankenstein_bucket orange felt trick or treat After days of television we tried to get in the spirit of things…

Jack o lantern lego instructions from
Present & Correct

Their Pinterest boards are wicked.

The thing is, orange lego is like gold. We don’t have much.

orange lid sugar bowl and lego japan halloween

My version of a pumpkin. I call it Cinderella.
Waechtersbach, West Germany tumbler and vintage Bakelite toy shoe.

Now about that wine. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Happy Halloween people
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No tricks for this ole bag but I do recommend this
Spooky Late Night Tale

or this treat

Beware the Grand Pumpkin


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