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preloved handmade knitted bear
20 cents is a small price to pay for Hope, don’t you think? I rescued her on my escape to Yamba NSW [one of the most awesome places on Earth but shhh don’t tell anyone, it’s perfectly underdeveloped and saturated on all sides with blue water, ocean, rivers and fresh water pools] So divine.
I left my man and 2 kids and drove off on a road trip/ op shopping adventure North. Hung out with three of the best bravest girls [ahem ladies, so much reminiscing…]  I will probably ever meet who, as the cliche goes, know everything about you but like you anyway.
Sun, swimming, op shopping and lovely liquid flowing freely. It was Heaven. I am renewed. I have Hope.

She’s all sorts of soft, squishy handmade love and deserves a second chance. I wonder about her past lives…Not even sure I’ll fix her ear where the stitching has come undone. Embrace the imperfections I say. In a world obsessed with youth, beauty and newness perhaps one day the old and fugly will stand out as original and interesting. Somehow I doubt it [being a aesthete Libran myself] but it’s a comforting thought anyway as I get older and fuglier.

One can only hope…

sun dreamer ouchflower macrame white yellow mirror

So hot right now…
Two more of the dreamy Ouchflower macramé hangers I have in stock at Urban Rustic. Handmade by Melbourne artist Phipplia Taylor. I love the story behind the name Ouchflower. Pippa’s young son’s description of her succulents…

Peach ouchflower macrame mother in laws tongue copy

So this kind of hurt; I had the perfect blue vintage ceramic pot for the Peach hanger but I dropped it before I even got one photo. In my favourite baby blue too. Was a lovely longer oval shape which sits in the hangers nicely.

Upset, I doubt I’ll find another. Annoyed at my clumsiness. Spiky little chards EVERYWHERE.
Ouch, ouch and more ouch!
But the substitute bowl is pretty smokin’ too. Don’t you think? I’m happy with it.
Smoked glass is so retro but so modern. Like the hangers. Noticed Country Road brought out some smokey glassware this year. I’ve got tons of the real stuff, watch this space…

The hangers are $120 each and I’ll throw in the pot if you like.
Smoke it up. Yeah baby.

In the words of Ned Flanders
…get out the crayolas and colour me Tickled Pink…
to have some so-gorgeous-it-hurts macramé hangers in stock handmade by über sharp Melbourne artist Phillipa Taylor of Ouchflower.

YELLOW Ouchflower macrame hanger plant

Pippa creates dip dyed, to die for hangers, tassels and wall hangings. You don’t need a retro pad either, they suit any modern bohemian plant-loving home. These hangers twist the whole kind of ug seventies craft into groovy hipster beachy chic. So hot right now.

Available in Yellow, Teal, White and Peach at URBAN RUSTIC Newport. But limited numbers, so get in quick.

TEAL  Ouchflower macrame sunburst clock

Now just hanging out for my airplants to land…


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