all good things are wild and free Henry David Thoreau copyThrowback to a previous post freebie where I photographed a journal I bought at those almost incomprehensible in size weekend Bangkok markets. Thinking not much of it, only that I liked the quote

All good things are
wild and free

by Henry David Thoreau, moreso than the artwork, and that I like and use notebooks. A lot. [And yes, they were cheap] Turns out it was an image stolen online from illustrator Katie Daisy. And by me photographing the notebook and putting it on my blog I was [unwittingly] unauthorisedly using her copyright protected art. Driving Miss Daisy a little cranky. Fair enough. We are all trying to make a living without being ripped off. I pulled the post.

But I wonder if poor Mr HD Thoreau, long gone and out of copyright, [1817 – 1862] would like to contact half of the quotation-into-wall-art-world from the grave for over-use of his intellectual property?

all good things are wild and too free Henry David Thoreau

I launch so many of my images out into cyberverse fully aware they are may be used for God knows what. One look at a stats page to see what random searches peeps do to get to an urban rustic page is quite mind boggling and often amusing. Rustic porn anyone? Yes, it was there once. They must have been disappointed… I wonder what exactly is rustic porn? Is it shabby, banged up sex? Or does it involve unhygenic partly rusty industrial implements? Anyone?

So… back on course…
I did a bit of watermarking for a while but half the time I forgot and the other half didn’t like the look of it. So whatever. It would be nice to know people link with love
 link with love logo
and credit where credit is due but it’s the chance you take being online I guess? What do you reckon?