smiggle Orange Juice carton glasses
Smitten with this OJ carton pencil case from Smiggle. Activates all my novelty and stationery taste buds. And it’s orange! The new black.

Hard pressed to find cute vintage juice glasses these days. And making up sets? Forget about it. Pretty much. A local op shop volunteer said single glasses or uneven numbers generally get trashed. And not just trashed, smashed to save on tip fees. Oh the waste! No one wants odd glasses apparently. Not even for camping. But what about me? The oddly obsessed…

plastic juicer jug orange glass and bottle copy

I say let go of your uptight matchy matchy assumptions people. Embrace the individual character and beauty of random pieces.

vintage mismatched juice glasses Savour the differences. They can be unified by colour or size, or not.

group vintage juice glass collection

More less fruity but still juicy combos. I’m married to Mr Matchy-Matchy so these are going in the shop.

Lemon juice vintage yellow glass fruit straws salt and pepper lime

So what’s your taste?
Nothing wrong with same-same, just don’t fear the oddness. 

Cheers 🙂