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vintage china mouse retro red seventies cat shaker

Happy Friday


vintage Jim Henson

On the Muppet News front:
[I’ve always affectionately called my kids Muppets ‘cos they are so cute and squishy]

Two kids birthdays [5 & 8]  in less than a week. All nostalgic. I wish they would stop growing up.

Kermit under rainbow pinata

Can’t help rescuing Kermit whenever I find a discarded one. I loved him when I was young.

Mupppet kermit the frog in garbage bin rs

This is little number 4, which I found today. Sweet serendipity.

toy muppet Kermit the Frog toy Maileg bench crashed out

The problem is Kermit might need saving from my daughter.

Lily and kermit in ballet dresses copy

The new school routine is taking its toll. Wearing a uniform day after day is frustrating my spangly colour loving accessory queen.

kermit the ballerina

Sorry, Kermies, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time…

kermit the frog muppets


vintage kermit drink glass pencil toy

Here’s to the lovers, the dreamers and me…


Kermit wears: Barbie’s Vintage Brocade Jacket [from her short-lived unknown Elton phase], no pants.

Mini Cognac glass: stylist’s own.

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