Inspired by the ‘thrifting’ [in Australia we Op-Shop] of this excellent edition:

comes some other Lemon related stuff…

Bought this for $1 at Avalon Red Cross [to go in my weird bowl of oversize inedible fruits.]
Love that it in the end I broke it before it got home. Obviously a true lemon, a real dud, or maybe I am.

On the subject of duds…

This is Liz Lemon. On Jury Duty. [But not as the Rural Juror]
The best female character on TV since Elaine Benes.

Ep 3 Series 3 BLIND DATE:

Jack [Alec Baldwin]:  How was your evening with Thomas?

Liz Lemon [Tina Fey]: You mean Gretchen Thomas, the brilliant plastics engineer slash lesbian? What made you think I was gay?

Jack: Your shoes.

Liz Lemon: Well I’m straight.

Jack: Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.

Liz Lemon: Regardless, I am straight. One-hundred precent completely straight.

Jack: Well I’m sorry if I offended you.’


Lemon Spread

I found this recipe but I’m a fraud as I have never made lemon curd in my life. I’m sure it’s good though, being Jamie Oliver’s.

What I know about Lemons without using Wikipedia & Google:

Lemon trees smell amazing.

Half a lemon juice in hot water first thing in the morning and last thing at night is good for the digestion & complexion.

A natural bleaching agent.

Kick a Germ Juice:
Juice 1 Lemon, 2 or 3 cloves Garlic, Grated Ginger similar amount to garlic, a teaspoon or 2 of Honey [preferably Manuka or a non pasteurised non supermarket variety] & add crushed Panadol if you are inclined. Leave to stand for a bit in an infuser, strain or drink it all for those not afraid of lumpy bits.
[Can’t remember who owns this recipe, got it off an NBN Television morning show I worked on a long time ago.]

To remove rust marks off clothing pour lemon juice over then cover with salt and leave in the sun. This really works.

Its good for cleaning I believe. Might have to google that.

Losing my zest…Lemon out.