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Happy Christmas urban rustic image

My Christmas offering:
Mid-century Braemore Pottery, Australia get it here

Crazed and kind of empty but totally fine. A bit like me… um, minus the balls…

Off now but like the iconic Aussie boomerang I will come back.
With more on my plate.

V.v excited to be road tripping down memory lane with some old friends in the New Year [old as in girls I have known for a long time, since Newcastle Uni days when we were young, single, child-free and irresponsible. No denying we are old-ish now but at least not of the Atomic Age]

A little bit crazy, a little bit bad but hey, don’t us girls just love that?

Yes, Ewan McGregor you’re da bomb.

Happy holidays lovely people, make it magnificent.


British Plastics blue tartan band canister sq
Not so out of the blue, but I can hardly contain myself,
urban rustic is about to

vintage blue bakelite Thermos sq
open a STORE! At Newport Beach NSW Australia. Yay!

Moldex blue plastic vintage bread bin sq
It’ll  be fresh, and fun. So fun. OMG I hope I am not crazy.
Staffordshire pottery canisters blue brown x2 retro
All that dreaming, my head in the clouds,  it’s becoming a tangible thing. Finally.

Clouds waechtersbach canister on grey
I am in various measure, full of…


Nally Bakelite canisters photoshoppedStacks more to come,

vintage red blue rustic cake containers
watch this cake, um I mean space…

PS click any image to see it in the urban rustic store

Look out. Summer’s in the air. Genius.

Come on Sydney bring it all…
The good, the bad, and

what the Doctor ordered.

If you’ve run out of bottles you can always pull out the jugs.
Full of course.


Free is always good.

Desperate for another round…
Bring it iTunes.

For those of you who have just tuned in and wondering what the hell am I on?
Just a Breaking Bad habit. Not breaking a Bad Habit.
My smokey glass stash reminds me of Jesse Pinkman every time.

Smoke it up bitches.


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