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Mini Eames LCW chair horizontal
what chair is that?
This one is a miniature LCW I picked up [easily] for $2 at the School’s Stylist’s Garage sale a few weekends ago. My first little bit of Eames!

Big fan of the chair?  You might like this. I’ve spent some time creating a pinterest board of my favourite iconic chairs. [I considered calling this post Chair woman of the Board but decided it was a tad OTT]

Basically it’s a massive wish list with some info thrown in. Designer, year, manufacturers etc.  Down the track I’ll add more info about spotting replicas, the differences and benefits etc.

salt shaker zebra chair mid_century moderm

I love this one, an example of Shaker Furniture [salt shaker, heh], if only it was about 1000% larger…

What’s your favourite chair? Let me know if I’ve overlooked any classics.
Happy weekend people. I’m looking forward to some lounging actually…

green_toy boy in miniature brandy glass

A wee glass with toy boy and a little pizza.
What’s not to like?

: ]

Pure 80’s nostalgia including a very youthful Michelle Pfeiffer.
De beauty zeep van filmsterren.

If zeep = soap I think you can work it out…

Try it. Be my guest.

More that a mouthful’s a waste


Be cool, [Yolanda] D Cups

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