Happy Birthday Australia. Here’s a few tinnies to celebrate.


Little Brit-tin.
[Maileg is Danish actually but you know, whatever, she’ll be right.]

cigarette tin

Not so old  but does seem a lifetime ago and a world away…

Free stuff from The Church London 1998 on my Birthday.
All signs point to hell yes.

tin stubbie holder duff beer can copy

Tin tinnie holder Eumundie Markets Qld. Duff beer. A short lived Aussie brew. It’s dented. Got dropped. D’oh. They are quite collectible.

vintage weet-bix tobacco milo tins

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous
She took me in and gave me breakfast

Lyrics: Ronald Strykert, Colin Hay

And now for something somewhat predictable but if you haven’t danced your drunken little head off to this track somewhere in the world on Australia Day at sometime in your life, then I suggest you are, indeed unAustralian. Come on…