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Blue, Yellow, Orange bringing it.

Bottle or jug? Or all of it?  It is Saturday…

And if there’s a happier colour combo? Show me.
Pretty fond of this lot.

blue orange yellow

Urn it.
Reluctant to sell this orange piece. It’s large and magnificent and I bought it on an awesome buying trip/mini break/ solo mission last year. It was the last shop I hit and I was pretty tapped out. Like very. Knew I had already spent far too much. Eek. But also knew when I went out and sat in the car, I would drive back to Sydney organising freight. And then it might break. And then be so annoyed with myself for indecision…

Anyway I was trying to do a short post because I know we are all too busy for words… So yeah. I went back in. Maxed out the plastic on glass. Bought it. Loved it. Still do but… yup, it’s up for grabs.

Quick before I change my mind.

Orange Empoli Italian cased bottle, god I love that faux wicker texture. It could be cheesy if not perfectly executed. Lucky it is.

Tall double cased [cased= white lining] Empoli Italian bottle vase, in that Per Lütken, Holmegaard kind of way.

Yellow cased jug. Mid century. That crazy arse shape. Was a ….. to clean, so visibly filthy inside, got a scourer stuck in there [amateur] and after a few days and a smart idea from Gemma in the shop next door I reefed it out with the bent hook of a coathanger. So relieved. Ridiculously happy over a small triumph #nerd

Time for a drink, cheers

in Newport shop this week
interested? ask here

orange citrus lemon salt and pepper shakers copy

Eat citrus fruit.
It tastes sweet. It has a lot of fibre, and once it gets to your stomach it knows what to do.

The great man of zest, Mel Brooks getting randomly citrus during the closing credits of his PBS portrait. If you’re a fan, here’s a taste.
Mel Brooks: Make A Noise

and if this appeals…[geddit?]
buy vintage ceramic orange juicer here  

lemon and lime Pyrex plates shakers copy

Lemon, lime & pepper shakers by Westland [non-vintage]

Pyrex spotty tumbler [also in yellow]
ceramic lemon spreader available at Urban Rustic Newport

Sicilian Lemon dish souvenir not for sale



Is it an incurable addiction to collecting vintage kitchen implements?

ORANGE retro utensils skyline vintage enamelyellow skyline utensils strainer retromass utensilitus Blue Skyline enamel etc copy


oversized and engorged utensils of a certain age?

oversized novelty seventies teak fork and spoon copy

Whatever the diagnosis, this strange bug is not to be confused with another designer affliction uncommonly known as stencilitis
of which I also exhibit classic symptoms.

I may not recover but I have the tools to cope.


decor plastic orange jug tang glass vintage murano

Straight out of That 70’s Life…

Genuine 1970s Tang 1 Litre glass jug/ pitcher

Orange retro vintage Tang Jug cu lid PRICE

This time around fill it with something containing a little more Vitamin C.
Like water. click to buy

growing boys need Tang


and if you want more super cool retro Decor
funky orange plastic jug for sale here

retro orange white Decor jug + PRICE

or here:
Urban Rustic 6b Robertson Rd Newport NSW Australia


Did you do Tang? The misconception is it was invented for astronauts. Not so says Wikipedia. Sales did take off when it was used by NASA for manned spaceflight programs however.  According to Buzz Aldrin in 2013: Tang sux.

I don’t remember what it tasted like but the jug does fill me with some happy nostalgia, particularly for a time when the more sugar that got into my mouth the better it was.


smiggle Orange Juice carton glasses
Smitten with this OJ carton pencil case from Smiggle. Activates all my novelty and stationery taste buds. And it’s orange! The new black.

Hard pressed to find cute vintage juice glasses these days. And making up sets? Forget about it. Pretty much. A local op shop volunteer said single glasses or uneven numbers generally get trashed. And not just trashed, smashed to save on tip fees. Oh the waste! No one wants odd glasses apparently. Not even for camping. But what about me? The oddly obsessed…

plastic juicer jug orange glass and bottle copy

I say let go of your uptight matchy matchy assumptions people. Embrace the individual character and beauty of random pieces.

vintage mismatched juice glasses Savour the differences. They can be unified by colour or size, or not.

group vintage juice glass collection

More less fruity but still juicy combos. I’m married to Mr Matchy-Matchy so these are going in the shop.

Lemon juice vintage yellow glass fruit straws salt and pepper lime

So what’s your taste?
Nothing wrong with same-same, just don’t fear the oddness. 

Cheers 🙂

Pumpkin Atrocities!waechsterbach West Germany tumbler vintage toy heelvintage Minerware pineapple jug and tupperware leaves corersThis is as close to a pumpkin as I get, I’m afraid. It’s not a favourite vegetable, put mildly. Though I do like the colour combo.

Very excited about having a few days away after tonights escapades. roaming the streets with a 5 year old she devil and a crazy wizard skeleton dude with plastic nunchucks. As you do. Or as we do, now in Australia. Kids will do anything for free lollies… Scary.

So anyway cheers everyone, Happy Halloween!

PS Sorry if you can’t see the other pumpkin atrocities on this wicked Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX link.  A classic. Series 20 ep 4. It’s on itunes. Includes Homer in a Mad Men title sequence parody, Lisa’s Mailbu Stacey doll car turning into a Transformer [Sex-bot: where havent I been?] and Milhouse and The Grand Pumpkin [re pumpkin seeds: You roast the unborn?]

Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?
Albert Camus

milk glass cafe orange pyrex mugs copy

I recommend another café Albert.

cafe orange milk glass retro canister

Or depending which way you look at it or what language, uno caffé…

caffe orange milk glass retro canister

Fixed the JavaScript file. It was bugging me.
This new version has it’s original milkglass lid.

set 6 retro orange red pyrex corning mugs copy

Also uploaded these gorgeous orange retro Pyrex & Crown mugs to the urban site.

Remember these? Loving the memories from browsers in my shop.

orange retro flower trivets 2

if only… hanging out for some warmer weather. Feeling flashes of some lovely hotness. But then back to chill again.
Just looking at these warms me up. Bring on summer, Sydney. I’m ready.

HH [Holt Howard] Japan cast iron tile trivet and glass heat stand for sale HERE

orange hot drip trivets_2

trivet pursuits: I finally found my resin signature icons [observe the masthead] frustratingly unfindable in storage for like, ever.

So hot. So cool. Love the colour, the material, the typography, the words. I am kitchen nerd.
Never for sale. Happy to hire. Orange you glad?

hand blown art glass mid-century orange

hand blown art glass mid-century orange

so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty …

love cats orange retro salt & pepper shakers

Love cats? The Cure.
These shakers need a new home. help here

thrifted ceramic kitten money box

Hello kitty. Down and but not out.
A chip [or two] on the shoulder but this bankable beauty has 9 lives.
For now I’m one of them.

Red retro cat salt shaker vintage white china mouse

Not broken in pieces
Like hated little meeces…

This single cool cat’s already moved on. And not in search of his other half.
Looks good on the shelf or at dinner.

vintage condiment shaker
it’s the grooviest thing…


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