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mashed up mess of retro potato mashers 2

In the house that relies too heavily on bangers [not anthems] and mash for me to call myself a foodie and with 2.5 kids  to comfort feed it’s a subject of hot debate. Sadly.

Retro potato masher novelty peeler

The half man half child prefers to use this one.
It’s what he grew up with.

Orange seventies retro plastic potato masher  copy

My mum rocked this crazy seventies number…

skyline vintage blue potato masher mash copy copy

but this is me. A design classic. And totally the best masher. Like eva. Who’s with me?

Stay tuned for more hard hitting topics including tales from Spatula City



Yep it’s totally happening here.

I say. You know this does utilize well
Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises  1926

At the risk of sounding like a prat, love this book, had to mention it, reminds me of a time and a place, 2 times actually, crazy Pamplona and London, memories not quite as old as these faithful kitchen hands

Come on and utilize another glass
p 129

Homer doesn’t have much in common with Hemingway

oh wait,  the alcohol, o yes of course…

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