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The result of being super hot and ultra cool simultaneously. Also fresh.

pastel colour ice-cream cups

And flavourful. Love that American word. So advertising-y.
Like rich creamery butter.

Cath Kidston bunting I made for Lily’s room with remnants bought on Ebay. They all slide off, being the indecisive Libran and part anal Virgin ? Virgon?  it took me some time to get the combination to my satisfaction. I have about 10-12+ metres of stars, spots and stripes. [Not into her flowers]

plastic bakelite vintage scoops and stripy ice-cream spoon
Bakelite green scoop, vintage blue plastic, Playskool and stripey spoon.

Vintage Dr Seuss, car boot sale Coffs Harbour [It’s opener there…]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Lithograph on paper.
I want this for my daughter’s room so badly. Its $820 unframed. Eek. Vintage pastel tupperware Sixties candy colours

I could host my own vintage Tupperware party: just the tip of my ice-coloured-berg.

tall stripey pastel egg cup and spoon spotty plate vintage
More stars, spots and stripes

Vintage swizzle sticks. How cute is the little blue golf club?

Bought all together at Mona Vale Salvo’s. I wonder who collected them? I’m sure they had fun doing it.

Vintage Cocktail forks, you can buy these from my shop. If you fancy a little forking.

vintage pastel cocktail fork retro plate crown lynne

The colours are luminous, pastel yet almost neon.

A present from my gorgeous Father In Law, who is nothing like Abe Simpson. Though I wouldn’t mind, I love Grandpa.


What’s the most feminist cheese in the world?
Germaine Gruyere.

Mouse Knife Cheese Spreader

What hotel do mice stay in?
The Stilton.
Handmade Silver Thai Mouse cheese knife.
Bought in a lovely silverware shop Khao Lak. Lost their card unfortunately.

The very lovely super friendly Thai shop girl asked the 4 of us to pose for a photo, then got us holding a quite strange and very large silver basket. She was so sweet, we just went with it. We suspect the pic is on the inter web somewhere, the shop has a website but we can’t remember the name and no luck on the Google. Wondering how ridiculous we look…

The terms Big Wheel and Big Cheese originally referred to those who were wealthy enough to purchase a whole wheel of cheese.

mouse_cheese knife rest white cheese plate platter

Worry is today’s mice nibbling on tomorrow’s cheese.
Are you groaning yet? Well I did say more cheese…

Silver knife rest
1 of set 2 x small porcelain plates

small wooden cheese board with 4 china cheese markers vintage modern

…boy he can please us like four kinds of cheeses…
L-A-C-H-L-A-N  by Your Wedding Night


Set 4 Cheese Markers
Small Wooden palette

+extra cheese

What did the blind man say after being handed a cheese grater?
That’s the most violent book I’ve ever read.

Cheese Grater by Stanislav Katz.
Image source: Design Boom


And the last bite…
my favourite scene in a movie involving cheese. If you got any others/better ones let’s hear it, please.

Royale with Cheese

 vintage cake pastry biscuits stacking containers

It’s my birthday.
Living it up with [free] afternoon tea here. Right now.

Stacks of Pastry, biscuits and cake.

Fromage Thailand.
Dairy is not Queen or King in this lovely smiley gracious country but I’ve managed to sniff out enough mouldy fatty heaven to smile and wave maniacally. Crackers? Yes, yes I am and loving every minute of it.

retro cat vintage mouseCatch this not so perfect pair

Going on an o/s holiday. Yay. Things are on the up.

Had to pay off a lay-by before I went. Look what it was.

Suddenly globes everywhere…

Regret about a small globe I didn’t buy in Red Cross Avalon. Its base was quite ug and plasticy grey so I put it down, plus sometimes I have to show some restraint. Oddly and annoyingly I always skimp on something that later becomes a concept. I picked up one globe in the council throw outs recently, its base was ugly so I just kept the ball, its been rolling around the house. So has this inflatable one I got from a now non-existent shop.

Another favourite of my worldy goods, my very own global chain…

Necklace from Zimmermann outlet, Rosebery.
See you round : ]

and toasted  [a new version of an old classic]

I now have one set to sell: Toast cork coasters & chrome rack $45

email me if you want it while its hot [the toast geddit?]

Might go to bed…

Monstera Deliciosa cutting [tropical vine found on the side fence]

Vintage Pyrex beaker $25

Wooden mat from Barnados, bought one, wish I’d bought the set [had already way too many things in my basket]

Table & Chairs:  Cooper Store Mosman

Items available for hire also. As is photographer/writer/stylist/blogger. [me]

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