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A chicken and an egg are lying in bed.
The chicken leans back smoking a cigarette, satisfied.

The egg grabs the sheet and rolls over saying
Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question.




What do you call the father of all corny jokes?

urban-rustic-corn-pieces-plates-holders-glass copy


giant corn cob stool sunday collector
The giant corn cob stool. Pick it up @ third drawer down
Photo courtesy of a blogger I love stalking. Sunday Collector


Christmas Sydney, Australia:
the only appropriate sweater/ jumper for this fair isle.

Red Fair isle Christmas jumper for a wine bottle, gift
Sadly not wool [big fan of wool, having grown up on a sheep farm] or handmade for that matter, and Naff?  Yes, but this had me at pom pom…

 knitted reds wine bottle cover pom poms

More original than paper because, let’s face it, there’s no disguising this shape even in a box.

And of course recyclable / regiftable. Found these at Charity shops so already they are getting a second life.
[But let’s hope the contents don’t come round again…]

Speaking of re-using…

A priest is driving home. A police officer behind the priest notices that he is swerving a little bit, so he pulls him over. “Sir”, the officer asks “Have you been drinking a little bit tonight”? “Only water,” the priest replies. The officer suspicious, shines his flashlight into the priest’s car. He notices an empty bottle of wine in the passenger seat. The priest follows his eyes and cries “Good Lord”, he’s done it again! 

Joke found @
But do I need to credit a joke?  The ultimate in recycled material…

Wrapping it up now. Cheers
: ]

Fromage Thailand.
Dairy is not Queen or King in this lovely smiley gracious country but I’ve managed to sniff out enough mouldy fatty heaven to smile and wave maniacally. Crackers? Yes, yes I am and loving every minute of it.

Sweet corn plates.

This is for my cute friend Emma who says corn is her
deserted island food [if you could only take one thing].

Not what I would choose but, as you may be aware,
I like it corny. But not with a K.


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