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cup of happy ur

Grouplove everybody. Clearly

You’re such a lovely cup
Why don’t cha fill me up
All these reasons too hard to explain
So, I’ll drink you up my dear
We got it all right here
Here is now, and now is where I want to be

It's not easy being greenwooden hand red glasses necklacevintage black pie bird oil glue spill flower suede laser cut coasterHMV Nipper Dog Figurine His Masters Voice dog old gramophone nana chic

vintage china mouse retro red seventies cat shaker

Happy Friday



What do you call the father of all corny jokes?

urban-rustic-corn-pieces-plates-holders-glass copy


giant corn cob stool sunday collector
The giant corn cob stool. Pick it up @ third drawer down
Photo courtesy of a blogger I love stalking. Sunday Collector


Painting Cordoba Sandy Cash
Painting today. But not the fun kind. It was a wall, though not this one.

In the words of Liz Lemon aka Tina Fey. I want to go to there. [again] Cordoba España not the carport Australia.


A little

told me…

on a beach in Thailand.


The lost case of Paddington Bear,


an orange Rocket

and Fred’s Top Banana.


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