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so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty …

love cats orange retro salt & pepper shakers

Love cats? The Cure.
These shakers need a new home. help here

thrifted ceramic kitten money box

Hello kitty. Down and but not out.
A chip [or two] on the shoulder but this bankable beauty has 9 lives.
For now I’m one of them.

Red retro cat salt shaker vintage white china mouse

Not broken in pieces
Like hated little meeces…

This single cool cat’s already moved on. And not in search of his other half.
Looks good on the shelf or at dinner.

vintage condiment shaker
it’s the grooviest thing…


I’m being so uber clever you know, as this is connected to some business with a certain nearly 4 year old Miss L.

I wish there was a device that turned this off at night.


Pees in a Pod, Salt & Pepper Shakers
Goodwill Brookvale

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