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cup of happy ur

Grouplove everybody. Clearly

You’re such a lovely cup
Why don’t cha fill me up
All these reasons too hard to explain
So, I’ll drink you up my dear
We got it all right here
Here is now, and now is where I want to be

thrifting thrifted

So this little [preloved aka sorta scratched] lunch box fell into my path [or I could say lap, cos you know lunch box, sitting down, laps, geddit?] only the day after my last post about vintage smiley badges, and putting on a happy face. Someone was smiling down on me I guess. Or it was just a happy accident. Anyway it was cute, it was smiling, it was there and it was a buck. Sold.
Might not be pink enough for Miss Lily but I’m sure I can find something to put in it. God knows I have enough stuff…

Can someone tell me how you do the yellow smiley face please please please?

vintage have a nice day pins badges buttons

The iconic smiley was not invented by Forrest Gump:

The badge or button was created by [according to Wikipedia] an American commercial artist Harvey Ball in 1963 for a life insurance company to boost morale. He was paid $45 for his ten minutes work and does not receive royalties for creating a massive symbol of popular culture. Bummer 
The design is so simple it’s certain that similar versions were produced before this time, but Ball’s version became the most iconic.

Vintage Lili film poster

First use of the happy face in a campaign for the film Lili in 1953.

My daughter started Kindergarten today and appropriately her name is Lili on her birth certificate. Before she left the hospital we changed the spelling to Lily with a Y as we thought she would end up having to spell out her name her whole life. Turns out there are many versions of the name so she has to anyway and, like the smiley face, its proven very popular. So she’s one of a few.

Anway she had a nice day and we all put on our brave smiley faces
[just not these relics of the 1980’s. ]

Here’s some other old school icons to cut and paste.  You’re welcome, come back soon.

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