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pink poodle at Venice beach

Salt and pepper don’t get to shake it much anymore. Out of flavour and replaced by the bland grind[er] of modern daily life.

PINK poodle salt and pepper palm tree copy copy

Discarded after a lifetime of table service somewhere, this well preserved and fabulous fifties item enjoy a spicy retirement, content with a new life on the shelf. My shelf. [Not for sale]


So where will your current Salt and Pepper Shakers be in 50 years? My grinders are definitely not heirloom pieces. Not even good looking enough to live life in the open, they get hidden away in the cupboard after every meal. This pink poodle and outrageously cool zebra chair shaker set is another story. A much cuter story. But I do like grinding fresh black pepper and Himalayan pink salt…

Sorry poochie, at least your looks saved you.
But you always knew that anyway didn’t you?



Greece souvenir ashtray
Have you been to Santorini?
I want to go to there. © Daughter of Tina Fey.
It’s on my bucket list. I went travelling solo in my late 20s but I was not single and I never got to Greece.

Arhhhh… I so want to look at that unbelievably blue water with my own eyes, not out of a secondhand painted souvenir ashtray picked up thousands of miles away from point of origin but whatever…

I will make it one day, hopefully won’t be as a Shirley Valentine, talking to Walls, but for now I’ll just have to suck it up and enjoy the view, non smoking…
Or you can if you like. Grab this lovely piece here. It doesn’t have to take butts, repurpose for small bits and bobs. Coins, earrings, keys etc.
Chocolate Country cigarettes [called Fags when I was a kid, sooo very unPC] not included. Sorry. They gone. Me too. For now…

What is it about holidays that make you want to take more?

Mostly Delft with some Oktoberfest [what’s left of it] thrown in the mix…

KLM Amsterdam house bottles Dutch kids
In the prime of their musical youth…

Delft ceramic clogs blue white plate 2Hans giant Delft clog Amsterdam KLM bols

Hans passed on the left hand side
Delft beer steins and German HB Munich beer fest copydutch couple kissing blue white Delft platebig blue clog dutch girl steins delft 2Delft koffie coffee grinder mini clogs beans

The Koffie grinder’s clogged up…

dag [=bye]

rolls royce jug concorde jet playing cards copy

For the gentleman who may or may not have everything.

The Rolls Royce of jugs. Men like jugs. I’ve heard.

While you’re at it, check out the BA Concorde Flight deck, still in plastic. Not something you see everyday. Or ever again…

And I’ll throw in a Rolex. It’s genuine. Swiss made.

Rolex Lucerne souvenir spoon

Heh. Just stirring. But we all love to spoon…

Have a fantastic Father’s Day guys.


But wait there’s more….

Bonus clip for all the Number One Dads and Seinfeld Lovers.

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum

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