Some yummy fruity bits in this season, pineapples and watermelon pieces in abundance. Ripe for summer.

Gorman produce cute kitschiness  in perfect good taste.
Hey good lady…

Here’s what I have to offer…

4 x plastic watermelon plates4 x plastic watermelon plates stack -new

4 pieces of watermelon, non vintage [a polite way of saying made in China]

toy fruit from the kids cubby house

watermelon bag vintage wooden melon baller copy

Sweetest ever Clinique gift toiletry bag circa 1990s, they aren’t so good anymore…I use my melon for nailpolish.

vintage wooden melon baller, see melons and balls here, oo-er

Happy Monday

Twisting your Melon?  What happened to Shaun Ryder?
He doesn’t know either…  The juice on the Happy Mondays frontman is he can’t remember a thing between 1990 and 2006. I havent read his book [pieced together from old NME stories apparently] but I loved Tony Wilson’s 24 Hour Party People [written after the movie] If you’re a Mondays/ Madchester/ Joy Division/ New Order/ Ian Curtis fan you’ll devour it for sure. Even more than the movie.

…he got a double tongue you never think he would lie…