I wish.

I picked up this tea towel in Trina Turk, Palm Springs California. And love all the bragging embedded in that sentence.

It was never my intention to actually use it as a tea towel [Me dry dishes? I outsource that to sunlight, thank you] rather, hang it from a piece of dowel and rope ala 60’s/70’s macramé style. Somehow in the photographing of said Tea Towel it acquired a chocolate stain. D’oh.
As Chief Wigham says ” Nothing gets chocolate out, see?”

Anyway, back to the regular program…

I didn’t know much about Jonathan Adler except that I liked this design very much indeed. Then I bought one of his awesome, inspiring Happy Chic books from Louise Bell’s little eye candy feast for the colour loving soul shop that is Table Tonic in my local Avalon.

So I got motivated to mount a piece of Mr Adler on my wall.

And don’t know why I waited so long.

I used 2cm diameter wooden beads from a craft shop: 25c each,
a piece of dowel approx 7mm thick: $2.60,
double-sided tape, [I didn’t sew it as, being the Libran I am, wondered if I might change my mind later and decide to frame it and wouldn’t want the stitching scars]
string and a box cutter type knife or scalpel.

To cut the dowel to size roll it gently back and forward with the knife blade on it [on a cutting mat] until there’s an incision all around, then snap it off. I used a hammer and a piece of cloth [protection] to tap the beads on all the way. Or wood glue if the fit is looser, depending on the size of the holes on the beads.

Strings attached and ready to hang…

Turns out Chief Wigham was wrong about the Chocolate Stain, among other things. Yay.