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blue anodised wine goblet swizzle sticks


So maybe I am crazy. Defiinitely nostalgic. I certainly don’t need to take on any further collections in this jumbled headspace but when I stumbled upon a few anodised pieces all at once, it seemed like the thrifting universe was talking to me.

Mixed up? Yes.  Delusional even.

It does remind me of my childhood. Those stacking tumblers. Remember them? In a cute little vinyl case with a zipper. I passed up a set not so long ago for $10 because the cups inside where in a terrible, corroded state, then I was filled with that annoying state of mind I always seem to experience. Regret. Not for the things I buy, but for the times I put the WRONG thing down.

Why? It’s just stuff… Isn’t it?

See? A fruit loop

retro anodised fruit loops

Not so much time later I found a reasonably priced decent condition set of cups, with no case.  Arrh!  The irony. [Aluminium actually]

retro anodised red ice bucket blue wine cooler copy

So anyway, moving on….

The red Prestige [UK] ice bucket is sold already.
The wine cooler reminds me of my father for some reason. Not that he was into wine at all,  [my parents were teetotallers, whatever that means] but there must have been something years ago anodised with this gorgeous shiny blue stripeyness.  It says Alf to me. That’s my Dad. Flaming Heck, can you get a funnier name than that? I think not.

There was, of course, in my mid-century decorated family bungalow a set of twin anodised bedside lights clamped onto the veneered parental bedhead. In bronze. There was also a chenille bedspread.  And as you may, or may not recall, a fat baby Elvis girl. But thats another story…

Mid-century retro anodised barware

So here it is. All out there for all to see. The extent of my psycho-anodising.
Am I cured? Who knows? I’m letting it go, so that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

Til the next session…cheerS

retro anodised red blue wine glasses goblets

antiques vs retro vs vintage office cardIs it possible for something to be retro, vintage and antique? If you are a certain seller  I saw recently, um no,  no and no! In reality, yes but not nearly as often as Ebay would have you believe.

Also amused by some cute young things at one of my local coffee shops selling their ‘vintage’ clothing aka two season’s past Sass & Bide to fund an overseas holiday.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. Definitely not the first to discuss the issue, there’s a great [old] article on Apartment Therapy.  The comments are also worth reading.

This is my favourite from Deniseb:

I noticed yesterday on Craigslist [online classifieds] something listed as being both antique and from Pottery Barn.

And another comment highlights a purist’s view that an 100 year old piece of mass-produced furniture can’t be classified as antique.

Blogger Pollybland also covers the retro vs  vintage vs antique debate.

The general consensus supported by online dictionary Merriam Webster is that an antique is

a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago.

When it comes to cars however, The Antique Automobile Club of America defines an antique as 50 years or older. [Wikipedia]

Merriam Websters defines vintage as

of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality : classic
dating from the past : old

If you are selling on Etsy vintage items need to be at least 20 years old. It’s one of the reasons I changed platforms.  Sometimes I just don’t know for sure. Other times I have newer stuff.

Here’s something acurately described on ebay! [because it was In a forum] :

The correct usage of the word vintage must be used with a year.

my car is vintage 2001…my computer is vintage 1999… this WWII item is vintage 1943…

retro is less age specific and more of a vibe, defined as

relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past : fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned.
[Merriam Webster again]

Retro furniture may not actually be old but it references styles of the recent past.
[Apartment Therapy]

So, an 100 year old  [preferably hand made] item is an antique, being vintage 1913 and looks retro because it was made in the style of the time.
Would love to know how many of the 2637 items that come up when I type in retro vintage antique on ebay are actually valid
but hey, in the end I’m old enough to care but too young to write a strong worded complaint Grampa Simpson style.

The Simpsons Grampa angy old man

When I read your magazine, I don’t see one wrinkled face or single toothless grin.  For shame!
To the sickos at `Modern Bride’ magazine.

Grampa Simpson types an angry letter.
The Front, The Simpsons Season 4, Ep 19



vintage Enid Blyton childrens books

Old Enid Blyton hardcovers from the 70’s including

  • The Magic Faraway Tree Series
  • The Wishing Chair Adventures
  • Hello Mr Twiddle [!]
  • Don’t Be Silly Mr Twiddle
  • The Naughtiest Girl in The School
  • Book of Fairies
  • Happy Time Stories


Fancy some classic French, Saunders & Adrian Edmondson? Rather!
Five Go Mad In Dorset.


And how about these delightful versions?

  • Two Go Away To Lovely Grandparents
  • The Other Two Have A Jolly Good Time In the City

Deans Classics vintage Enid BlytonEnid Blyton Collection Naughtiest Girl Again copy

Splendid, I say!

vintage blue china kitten bookends Enid Blyton Wishing Chair
Book your own adventure at the urban rustic store: 
Wishing Chair set of 2
vintage ceramic kitten bookends

vintage clear tupperware, retro smoked glass pie dish

Can there be any happiness greater than the happiness of salvation?
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Tupperware pie taker fake chocolate cake face cloth copy

Saving cake, clearly. Leftovers that could go on forever [if you are irrational and can leave them that long]

…for everything has a trace of the divine in it.
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Vintage Tupperware pie slice keepers.
Mock chocolate cake face cloth part of a set I found at Salvos. Unreal.


I loved the film but I haven’t read the book yet, must confess I lifted these quotes from Goodreads.
Have you read it? And or seen the movie? Did it live up to the book?

urban rustic love shopping postcard

It’s a question, it’s a statement, it’s an appeal.

shop now please, so I can buy more…


PS Or email me:
if you see anything you love not listed. xo

hand blown art glass mid-century orange

hand blown art glass mid-century orange

on cloud 9

rustic tin emamel cloud small tray Cloudstreet

1. one fine tray: rustic but happy. urban rustic store

Tim Winton Cloudstreet

2. Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. 21st Anniversary Edition

long island ice tea cloudy glass

3. improve a dreary day with a cloudy: Mrs Baxters Long Island Ice TeaSweet & Sour Mix

4. a single cloud tumbler Hoya Corporation Japan, vintage drinks swizzlers

Waechtersbach West German pottery canister clouds

5. cloud container: Waechterbach canister, West German pottery. urban rustic store

6. Dojo Rising, latest release Cloud Control, June ’13. Love on first listen.

cloudy pinterest board

7. I cloud pinterest @ urban rustic

Johnson Bros Blue Cloud Floral_bowl

8. visit the Land of the Long Blue Cloud urban rustic collection

9. O Mi Glob, everyone’s favourite Cloud Princess [possibly the only] LSP, Adventure Time.

Getting the lump outta here…


carltonware cadbury chocolatte mugA collectable Carltonware chocolate chunk mug and a [secondhand] Ikea cup sit on a shelf. Which one is going to be bumped off by clumsy maniac descending a ladder and smash into pieces?

As you can see this is not a joke. Just Murphy’s Law. Whoever he was.

Symbolically occurring during the week I quit sugar. Not Sarah Wilson style. Just substituting. Like wine for chocolate. Or cheese. The water not so much…

Hope you’ve had a good break this long weekend?

vintage ceramic white mouse

For my Mother. A quiet resilient practical country mouse who ran a sheep farm singlehandedly.  She married the city mouse and as the story goes, it didn’t work out…

We returned this weekend to witness said country mouse after 25 years as a Singleton, marrying a great Dane. I was lucky enough to be chosen her Maid of Honour. [She has four daughters and my name was drawn out of the hat.]

Not the first time I’ve been a Bridemaid, the fourth actually, but definitely one of the most special considering 2 of the 4 are no longer marriages. Possibly accurate statistics?

An unforgettable experience to say the least, and this I vow to remember.

All that I am, and all that I have,
I honour you.


so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty …

love cats orange retro salt & pepper shakers

Love cats? The Cure.
These shakers need a new home. help here

thrifted ceramic kitten money box

Hello kitty. Down and but not out.
A chip [or two] on the shoulder but this bankable beauty has 9 lives.
For now I’m one of them.

Red retro cat salt shaker vintage white china mouse

Not broken in pieces
Like hated little meeces…

This single cool cat’s already moved on. And not in search of his other half.
Looks good on the shelf or at dinner.

vintage condiment shaker
it’s the grooviest thing…


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