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retro kiwi tomato sauce bottle vintage Tupperware pump bottle

Big Red has a skinful
and his mate is looking to get pumped


Bloody Christmas… Are you reddy? Groan.
I am not. Not even for this, hence recycling under the influence of Throwback  [but not, hopefully Throwup] Thursday.
About to crack open some bubbles in the shop for the customers, of course.

Cheers friends.


red wine sock Champagne Christmas YO

ALBERT_guinea pig portrair vertical

It’s Thursday, it’s also my Birthday tomorrow.  So I am recycling again, any excuse to take a shortcut…
Here’s my Throwback.

This was my 7th Birthday present from my mum and as I recall The Best Gift Ever! And a total surprise.
I remember coming home from school one day and finding Albert on the kitchen table and not thinking much of it. Obviously he had just had a sitting. He was my best friend and the reason I am not so fond of cats. [Tragically, devastatingly killed some years later by our neighbour’s semi-feral feline.]

I haven’t had this on display for years as I

a] grew up


b] became unhappy with the mock ornate frame but now I love the irony of it’s fancy-ness.
It’s kind of the Mona Lisa of pet portraits.

Sigh. To be seven again, with such simple expectations…

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