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fisher price plane vintage globes copy

On the eve of an international family trip of a lifetime #yay I’m at work, thinking globally

world wide desktop vintage globes mid century

in the meantime I can browse the wide world on my desktop,
old skool style

fisher price airport vintage

or enjoy this super cute vintage Fisher Price airport I bought to distract the little people from my art glass, turns out it really moves the grown ups. Memories are priceless [aren’t they?] and linger long after the jet lag. Thank goodness.
See ya round.

Greece souvenir ashtray
Have you been to Santorini?
I want to go to there. © Daughter of Tina Fey.
It’s on my bucket list. I went travelling solo in my late 20s but I was not single and I never got to Greece.

Arhhhh… I so want to look at that unbelievably blue water with my own eyes, not out of a secondhand painted souvenir ashtray picked up thousands of miles away from point of origin but whatever…

I will make it one day, hopefully won’t be as a Shirley Valentine, talking to Walls, but for now I’ll just have to suck it up and enjoy the view, non smoking…
Or you can if you like. Grab this lovely piece here. It doesn’t have to take butts, repurpose for small bits and bobs. Coins, earrings, keys etc.
Chocolate Country cigarettes [called Fags when I was a kid, sooo very unPC] not included. Sorry. They gone. Me too. For now…

What is it about holidays that make you want to take more?

Deep blue horizon plane window shotCannes Cobalt blue chairs RivieraHotel Monte Tauro cane tub chairs MediterraneanMediterranean sea cobalt blue boatSyracusa Emu chair cobalt blue Mediterranean Sea

So much to say but just want to fall back into these pictures and sit quietly.

Have never understood how a downer came to be the blues.

Unless of course, you are leaving…

 Sydney Harbour blue skies

Lucky I had this to come home to. Sydney, you’re alright…

cobalt blue furla love heart bag tag italian

and I bought a little bit of Italian cobalt love to keep on my bag forever.
[Also more blue suede shoes, uh-huh]

Ciao bella

PS: More pics on my instagram feed if you’re into it too.
Come and say hi @ urban_rustic

Going on an o/s holiday. Yay. Things are on the up.

Had to pay off a lay-by before I went. Look what it was.

Suddenly globes everywhere…

Regret about a small globe I didn’t buy in Red Cross Avalon. Its base was quite ug and plasticy grey so I put it down, plus sometimes I have to show some restraint. Oddly and annoyingly I always skimp on something that later becomes a concept. I picked up one globe in the council throw outs recently, its base was ugly so I just kept the ball, its been rolling around the house. So has this inflatable one I got from a now non-existent shop.

Another favourite of my worldy goods, my very own global chain…

Necklace from Zimmermann outlet, Rosebery.
See you round : ]

Ship Hop Hooray [sorry, my jokes are getting worse]

Old school sailor doll [souvenir from a Steamer Cruise] tin trunk and boat on a stick

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