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ROSE ironstone cup and plate set

Stewardess: Would you like some TWA Orange Juice, or some TWA Coffee?
Passenger: No thanks. But I wouldn’t mind some of your TWA Tea.

Even my jokes are vintage darling… [and recycled]


The ultimate in-flight/ in-house [or in-bed] entertaining for the retro set.
A perfect cup [250mls] and über cool sandwich plate in glossy pinstriped super sturdy ironstone. Made in New Zealand. 

Get your hands on his or hers now 

The official term is Soup and Sandwich plate, I prefer tea and toast. Or Coffee and Cake actually. Rose and Teal available @ urban

TEAL ironstone cup and plate set 2

Chai Time?  Soap Bar cakes. I have some in stock.
Beautiful and fat free. Unreal! What more could you want?
Except perhaps breakfast in bed…

vintage clear tupperware, retro smoked glass pie dish

Can there be any happiness greater than the happiness of salvation?
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Tupperware pie taker fake chocolate cake face cloth copy

Saving cake, clearly. Leftovers that could go on forever [if you are irrational and can leave them that long]

…for everything has a trace of the divine in it.
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Vintage Tupperware pie slice keepers.
Mock chocolate cake face cloth part of a set I found at Salvos. Unreal.


I loved the film but I haven’t read the book yet, must confess I lifted these quotes from Goodreads.
Have you read it? And or seen the movie? Did it live up to the book?

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