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matching flamingo love

Valentines Day. The hallmark of romance. Apparently. Yeah whatever, televison…

Unlike the faithful flamingo who mates for life, human love may not last. Sadly.

Witness the divorces!  As we moved [sulkily] into the ahem, forty-is-the-new-thirty-something- #denial-crowd separation started to show it’s ugly messy head in sometimes unexpected places. Conversations with the girls [alright, ladies then] like no matter how much we care we all drive each other crazy right? etc. etc. make me wonder about relationships. Till Death Do Us Part? That’s a long flocking time in this non-Bubonic plague era. Who ever invented monogamy may not have been so optimistic had they factored in the average age of death was 50 max, now its 85.

Flamingo love- A thing of beauty is a joy forever copy

Whats the best scenario long term? Opposites attract or birds of a feather? Huffington Post says opposites can work, but it will be harder than sharing similar core values.

And this doesn’t mean that you both like smooth peanut butter or toast cooked to the same shade of brown [first world problems anyone?] but more to do with how you were raised and how you agree to raise your children and, another important factor: how you spend your money. It’s a deal breaker.

Not that I am an expert, but I’ve put in a good solid nearly 16 years of married life. I buy both kinds of peanut butter, am over toast anyway and ignore the rapid accumulation of mid life crisis motor related accessories muscling out the Urban Rustic Warehouse AKA our garden shed. Mid-century chairs vs hot metal = equally crazy, just in opposite ways. Same same but different #whatever : )

Happy Hallmark Day people ❤
Here’s my commercial offering:
The new pair: Don Featherstone 1957 designed lawn flamingos
available at Urban Rustic and still $50 = love

Featherstone Flamingos pair urban rustic

Now that I have your attention…make love image urban rustic
Valentines Day.
Do you do it? You’re not alone if you whisper no. We don’t much anymore either. After 20 VDs you build up an immunity.

Why should corporations tell you when to show love? Do it everyday. In little ways. It doesn’t need to cost money. You could just spend a little time…

love heart measuring spoons retro flower tray
A heap of love. A pinch of joy. A dash of tenderness. A spoonful of affection. Small measures of kindness…

love mug breakfast in bed

simple gestures can melt hearts…

love heart shaped fondue

Patch things up where you can.

love patch

I once heard a lovely little lady, a veteran of many many years of marriage, say in a radio interview the secret was to

Just keep loving. 

Suggesting long-term love, like happiness is a choice. A decision.
I’m certainly no expert on the subject. What do you think?


Dale Carnegie, author of the most popular work of non-fiction of our time [according to my 1961 edition]  How To Win Friends And Influence People [first published in 1937 and Wikipedia says, has sold over 15 million copies world-wide] claims love disappears in little ways, nagging, berating, a lack of courtesy given to strangers no longer used at home, inattention etc that kills it slowly.

’tis not love’s going that hurts my days,
But that it went it little ways.
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Here’s Mr Carnegie’s
Seven Rules For Making Your Home Life Happier
This section from the original book was cut from the 1981 revised [more PC] edition.

  1. Don’t nag.
  2. Don’t try to make your partner over.
  3. Don’t criticize.
  4. Give honest appreciation.
  5. Pay little attentions.
  6. Be courteous.
  7. Read a good book on the sexual side of marriage.

Love is.. what you make it by Kim left


heart badge pins help

Never mind so did I.

love heart fondue with heart picks forks copy

Meh, we’ve had a few VDs so whatevs.
Might do a little family fondue/ fun-do tonight with this sweet thing.

lucky love hearts clover petit four cases copy

But I did get lucky!
Won this little set of 4 petit four cases [among other things] from the lovely Jane of Emerald + Ella, she’s a stylist with a cute blog and online shop. Sweet. Thankyou Ma’am.

pink robert gordon heart dish and buttons copy
Contrary to popular cynicism Valentine’s Day was not invented by Hallmark though I’m sure they love it.
Named after Saint Valentine, a matyred Christian priest who married forbidden lovers persecuted under the Roman Empire. He lost his head [literally] on February 14th.

love japanese plastic deco vase

Now it’s all hearts as flowers…

love heart forks picks valentines day

The best medicine. Better go and get that chocolate…

It’s a question, it’s a statement, it’s an appeal.

Shop now.  Please, so I can buy more…


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if you see anything you love not listed. xo

A picture’s worth a thousand words right?


Happy Valentine’s Day

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