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urban rustic love shopping postcard

It’s a question, it’s a statement, it’s an appeal.

shop now please, so I can buy more…


PS Or email me:
if you see anything you love not listed. xo

Sexying up the vessel. If I may.

Not even a real woody. Hand painted.

Oh My Gourd!

Chevron, so hot right now.

Pair of jugs.

De flower.




Vietnamese Orchid Vase, Mona Vale
[where one goes when they can’t go to Vietnam, not]

Wooden Knitting Needles, Salamanca Markets, Hobart

Check out the ‘Rhubarb’ Spoon, freaky but kind of cool.

More jugs!

All these florals too! I don’t actually have them in my house but I keep picking them up. Its the Libran in me…

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