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sunflowers mini van gogh vignette

Still living after my Mona Lisa loss. Moved on to Van Gogh.

sunflower one pint Pyrex casserole wide
Pint size vintage Pyrex casserole.

FYI: This happy sunflower design is actually known as Daisy according to Pyrex Love

So cute.  If you need a little bright burst of golden goodness,

pick it here 

I picked these flowers for $4, Lifeline Mona Vale.

Lucky enough to have seen the real Irises by Vincent van Gogh with my own eyes.
It sold for $53.90 million in 1987 to Alan Bond who  did not have enough money to pay for it. Later re-sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It sits at Number 10 on the list of most expensive paintings ever sold.


Passed up this print for $20 because I didn’t much like the frame or the typography.
Now have Regret seeing as the glass and the image alone were worth more.
Don’t you hate that?

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