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vintage Enid Blyton childrens books

Old Enid Blyton hardcovers from the 70’s including

  • The Magic Faraway Tree Series
  • The Wishing Chair Adventures
  • Hello Mr Twiddle [!]
  • Don’t Be Silly Mr Twiddle
  • The Naughtiest Girl in The School
  • Book of Fairies
  • Happy Time Stories


Fancy some classic French, Saunders & Adrian Edmondson? Rather!
Five Go Mad In Dorset.


And how about these delightful versions?

  • Two Go Away To Lovely Grandparents
  • The Other Two Have A Jolly Good Time In the City

Deans Classics vintage Enid BlytonEnid Blyton Collection Naughtiest Girl Again copy

Splendid, I say!

vintage blue china kitten bookends Enid Blyton Wishing Chair
Book your own adventure at the urban rustic store: 
Wishing Chair set of 2
vintage ceramic kitten bookends

Sample these Unknown Pleasures

Before you get too excited guys, this is not vintage porn.

It does, however, contain indecent humour as illustrated below.


Men Only
Magazine  January 1947
Featuring artwork by Edward S. Hynes

[17 x 13cm]

Love this cover.


A Book of Boys’ Stories 1968

Dust Jacket blurb:
Ranging over past, present and future, the twenty-three fast-moving short stories in this book present a variety of adventures to suit all tastes…[Space, Detection, Sport, Wild West, History, Mystery] Other highlights in these gripping stories of achievement by Robert Bateman and Nicholas Marrat – excitingly illustrated by Pat Nevin – include a record-breaking cycle marathon, an exploit of wily, quick-thinking Imperno Quartaro, and a race against time to save a valuable yacht-basin from destruction by mountainous waves.

Did you get that?

I’d like an audio copy read by John Wayne, just to hear him say Pilgrim


Dean’s Classics, Dean & Son Ltd London
Undated, circa 1960-1970

oxford old boys annual


Old Boys Annual.

The Oxford Annual For Boys, 30th Year Edition.
Edited by Herbert Strang. 

1937 University Press, Oxford


Do you know this girl? Please help her find herself.


Undated. The Children’s Press
Hard back edition, circa 1970s

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