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the not new black
is the new black over here



mourning this little vintage pie bird I dropped last week while reorganising my deep dark stash. He was a gift. And super cute.
Never did make that pie…

jugs-little-chair-shaker black

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white vintage plastic lace coaster

Not a fan of the drinks coaster?  Take another look.

cork dots coasters flipped   2 white_flower-suede laser cut flower coaster

Drinks… yes … Coast …yes, loving the coast…and to coast…Er… yes.
What’s not to like?

wooden retro flowers coaster

Another round.

3 black suede laser cut flower coasters   white vintage plastic lace coaster cu

Just banish those bad Jason memories. You know the ones?
Laminated images of tulips or birds or some such twee scene on a cork base.

Your Mother/ Auntie/ Nana might have them. Shudder, then spill your drink.

glass coaster wooden board

Clearly come in handy, wooden they?

plastic white coasters retro

Hip Nana style. Plastic not cotton for doily use. More shudders.
From sucky humour.

white_flowerz-suede laser cut flower coaster   single cork toast coaster
A toast.

ur coasting

Many toasts = toasted. Everyday.

white flower suede on white bg_smalelr

Well it is summer here…

And it’s Sydney not California though Bethany Cosentino.



So many categories!

Andy Warhol would complain during his nearly obsessive daily shopping regimen of antique stores, galleries, auction houses, and flea markets.

Though best known as an artist, Warhol was also a passionate and informed collector of unlikely antiquities and offbeat Americana. He began to collect seriously in the mid-1950s and continued to do so until his death in 1987. During this time period he was not only incredibly busy making art, but he was also collecting everything from cookie jars to contemporary art. He collected Fiestaware, World’s Fair memorabilia, Art Deco silver, Native American objects, folk art and he often acquired large collections as well—Hollywood publicity stills, crime scene photographs, and dental molds. All reflecting his interest in Pop Art and his inspiration: consumer culture.

vintage mcdonald happy meal snoopy dolls

At times I think, ‘Oh God, I wish I could be more focused’ – only collect bronzes or Sèvres boxes or something like that. Yet what’s a man to do?  So much beauty. So little time.

John Rosselli.

I  found this quote in an old issue of Country Style [Dec 2009] while, ironically, trying to cull my massive collection of magazines.
Never having heard of Mr Rosselli [I am not in the habit of collecting antiques, bronzes or whatever those fancy sounding boxes are] but the collection of beauty hit home. So I did some investigating [aka googling] and found this article on him @ belle

I like massing objects. I’m known for blue-and-white porcelain. A group of boxes—small, large—looks great on a table. …we collect white porcelain objects—ducks, chickens, fruit. Buy things individually, and before you know it you’ve got a collection.

So now I am gathering a collection of quotes on the subject of collecting. I’d better find 5 because…

One is junk, but five is a collection.

These are words to live by, or maybe a clever way to justify the early stages of becoming a hoarder. For me, collecting is a passion. Thankfully, becoming a collector does not take a large bank account or an extensive knowledge of period antiques. Start building a collection by focusing on what you have a passion for. My collections seem diverse on paper—clocks, china, kitchen utensils, seashells and garden wares, just to name a few—but there is a common thread that ties them together: colour.

Melinda Graham
Vintage Living Magazine. 


5 miniature blue perfume bottles

I have only one rule: seek out beauty and meaning in everything, then embrace and display it. Even the most humble and everyday of objects can be transformed.

Sibella Court
From her beautiful book Etcetera etc.

Sibella, one of Australia’s most well known stylists and collectors clearly doesn’t have minimalist [or dusting] issues…
Check out her finely curated home.


What’s your favourite collection? If you’re  like me and love collecting, you may have more than one [understatement!] Please share…

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the juice:

Citrus neons are so flavour of the season that you are possibly cataract impaired or cave bound if you’ve not have absorbed this already. Or you are, in fact, a man.

Tupperware Outkast: So fresh and so clean.

Lemon, lime and bitter that its not full of Pimms and Lemonade.

vintage china lemon sitting in atomic retro silver fruit bowl URBAN RUSTIC

Atomic Lemon

Not Annoying Orange


Seem familiar?

vintage bakelite jade green lime juicer citrus

An old squeeze.
Lime Bakelite juicer. From Chequered Past in Eumundi Qld.

My new squeeze.
The Alessi Juicy Salif, designed by Philippe Starck in 1990.
I use a juicer all the time, half a lemon in hot water first and last thing every day. Salif gets a bit of a bad rap by some and Starck justifies it as more of a conversation starter than a lemon squeezer. Personally I love it, though I was happier to pay $35 at Salvo’s than the $100 or thereabouts for a new one. It would need to be a good conversation to pay that much…

Citrus interruptus….

Oranges and Lemons…

how to keep slim healthy and young with juice fasting retro vintage book

Bought this book for the rad 1970’s typography and because it was there and relevant and it was only a dollar. I’ve never done a Juice Fast in my life and doubtful I’m about to try. I can do fast juice though.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed…

[Oranges & Lemons nursery rhyme]

and the final squeeze for a Friday.
Orange Squishy.


new zealand ironstone cup and sandwich plate retro airline meal set

Stewardess: Would you like some TWA Orange Juice, or some TWA Coffee?
Passenger: No thanks. But I wouldn’t mind some of your TWA Tea.

Even my jokes are vintage darling…


The ultimate in-flight/ in-house entertaining for the retro set.
A perfect cup [250mls] and über cool sandwich plate in glossy chocolate brown, good enough to eat.
Set of 2. Made in New Zealand in super sturdy ironstone.
[Bon Bon Candles by Universal.]

Get your hands on it now

What’s the most feminist cheese in the world?
Germaine Gruyere.

Mouse Knife Cheese Spreader

What hotel do mice stay in?
The Stilton.
Handmade Silver Thai Mouse cheese knife.
Bought in a lovely silverware shop Khao Lak. Lost their card unfortunately.

The very lovely super friendly Thai shop girl asked the 4 of us to pose for a photo, then got us holding a quite strange and very large silver basket. She was so sweet, we just went with it. We suspect the pic is on the inter web somewhere, the shop has a website but we can’t remember the name and no luck on the Google. Wondering how ridiculous we look…

The terms Big Wheel and Big Cheese originally referred to those who were wealthy enough to purchase a whole wheel of cheese.

mouse_cheese knife rest white cheese plate platter

Worry is today’s mice nibbling on tomorrow’s cheese.
Are you groaning yet? Well I did say more cheese…

Silver knife rest
1 of set 2 x small porcelain plates

small wooden cheese board with 4 china cheese markers vintage modern

…boy he can please us like four kinds of cheeses…
L-A-C-H-L-A-N  by Your Wedding Night


Set 4 Cheese Markers
Small Wooden palette

+extra cheese

What did the blind man say after being handed a cheese grater?
That’s the most violent book I’ve ever read.

Cheese Grater by Stanislav Katz.
Image source: Design Boom


And the last bite…
my favourite scene in a movie involving cheese. If you got any others/better ones let’s hear it, please.

Royale with Cheese

Look out. Summer’s in the air. Genius.

Come on Sydney bring it all…
The good, the bad, and

what the Doctor ordered.

If you’ve run out of bottles you can always pull out the jugs.
Full of course.


A thrifty couple.
One functional, the other not so much…
Vintage Avon salt shaker. Handmade wooden pear.

From the stores.
Kikkerland Paper Notepad, Myer.
Bud vase Orson & Blake, vintage cocktail fork inside urban rustic shop.

John Perry pink flamingo house decoration from Palm Springs mid century

Da b-b-b-bird, bird bird, bird is the word!
[Peter Griffin doing Surfin Bird]


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