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on cloud 9

rustic tin emamel cloud small tray Cloudstreet

1. one fine tray: rustic but happy. urban rustic store

Tim Winton Cloudstreet

2. Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. 21st Anniversary Edition

long island ice tea cloudy glass

3. improve a dreary day with a cloudy: Mrs Baxters Long Island Ice TeaSweet & Sour Mix

4. a single cloud tumbler Hoya Corporation Japan, vintage drinks swizzlers

Waechtersbach West German pottery canister clouds

5. cloud container: Waechterbach canister, West German pottery. urban rustic store

6. Dojo Rising, latest release Cloud Control, June ’13. Love on first listen.

cloudy pinterest board

7. I cloud pinterest @ urban rustic

Johnson Bros Blue Cloud Floral_bowl

8. visit the Land of the Long Blue Cloud urban rustic collection

9. O Mi Glob, everyone’s favourite Cloud Princess [possibly the only] LSP, Adventure Time.

Getting the lump outta here…


in all its forms.
green leaf rubber salt & pepper organic things
So without too much guff, here’s to a New Year and a new leaf.
Hoping it is fruitful for all of us.

Not adding much more to Etsy for now. The urban rustic shop site is coming along nicely thanks to my lovely bud Michelle Lorimer, though I am trying to enjoy this last summer with my little Lily before her new school life begins.

If you see anything you would love to buy or hire, just drop me an email, no pressure. Inquiries welcome.

Evergreen Jadeite [heat and stain resistant milky-green glassware from the 1940/50s] Fire King plate.

japanese leaf plate
Gilding the leaf. Pearly Japanese dish.3 bowls green inside pontessa spain monstera japan copyGreen on the inside.

Spanish Crown Pontesa cereal bowl. Ashtray made in Japan.
Monsterio bowl by The Outdoor Room.

pontesa leaf plate detail
In detail. Sweet.

Crystal clear. Not my usual style but it is lovely.

west german leaf plate copy

Old and saucy.
Neuerer West Germany circa 1950

leaf cup and saucer mismatch leaf plate copy
Odd but ok together.
Paisley set to have another moment.

Glass leaves in vase copy

Past leaves.

collection vintage green leaf plates dishes

large wall mount fern leaf plateLeaf spoon green plate_lighter

And more past leaves [ones I have prepared earlier]

5 vintage leaf plates plus kids hands-sm

Not set up, I’ve mentioned before how hysterical my kids think it is to creep their hands in when I am shooting stuff. So I guess I am blowing my mystique [say what now?] but I may as well confess: most/try all, of my photos are not taken in the gi-normous light-filled studios of urban rustic incorporated [I wish] but on the white Corian benchtop in the family kitchen.

And now to leaf you with further inspiration, by some people who really know what they are doing…

vogue living wall of vintage leaf plates

Photo by Chris Court, Vogue Living September/October 2005

These are not my plates, and to be totally clear, not my photo.
This collection belongs to Chrissie Jeffery of the gorgeous textiles shop No Chintz.


Colour doesn’t get much of a run in my house.
‘Does-It-Come-In-White?’ is my middle name.

But then, with a view like this, feature walls seem redundant…

We started off with a blank canvas.
You could call this canvas ‘Polar Bear In A Snow Storm’ or ‘Albino Rabbit In Macro’ or some other third thing [Spongebob movie anyone?].
Anyhow the white stayed.

When I do colour it’s usually ice-ice-baby blue. But something’s shifted. 180 degrees. I’m not trying to be negative [ha] but now I’m turning to black. I blame the bird [the non-Eames House Bird].

I’ve always worn black. Classic. Dramatic. Looks good with blonde hair. A no-brainer. The colour selection I mean, not the blondness…

Mimco Black $10 Sydney Airport

Now its creeping in like that inky thing in Spiderman 3. The Symbiote.

Vintage pie bird from Sister-In-Law Mel, goo from Eumundi Markets $2

Suede laser cut mats. Picked up at a closing down sale, Belrose last year.

Check this.

Waechtersbach, West German pottery bowls & small jug.

The bowls are not perfect, a hairline crack in one, a few chips here and there…
Still: – an insanely gorgeous design, I was thinking when I bought them I might use the bottom one as a planter [cracked] but I don’t think I can bring myself to do it. They look so great stacking. The jug is in great nick and was not what I’d call a bargain [$30] but I love this set so much I’m glad I bought the 3 pieces. Luckily my hubby doesn’t read my blog anymore.


I picked this up too. Later. Egg Cup, chipped but only $2. I love it. Small succulent from Wild Lotus Newport $3.

PS: Stay tuned for succulents. You succ much?

I’ll Never Sell salt and pepper shakers.

Told you I love jugs. the spotty one is an original 50s piece. Immaculate.

I do like black tea, sadly not as much as coffee though…


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