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Green glass pair of pears.

Wooden pair of pears, bought on Arab Street Singapore.
Non vintage = Perky.


The contents of this fruit bowl more on the sad side really.
This literally all that was in it one day, not looking quite so positive however.


Behind The Scenes:

I wouldn’t use pictures of my kids normally but I’ve thought a few times about sharing this. It all happened quite naturally, not set up. In fact I am often photoshopping out little hands, as they think its hilarious to creep them in. Anyway this is Lily.

And this is Happy Fruit 2, The Sequel

Amazed when the shot re-formed organically for me after I bought this at Barnados Brookvale.
Had to swap a pear for another apple that’s all.  [Stayed tuned for Pears. I can hear your excited intake of breath, I know.]
Anyway, I thought the coincidence was too much to not share..

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