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Blue, Yellow, Orange bringing it.

Bottle or jug? Or all of it?  It is Saturday…

And if there’s a happier colour combo? Show me.
Pretty fond of this lot.

blue orange yellow

Urn it.
Reluctant to sell this orange piece. It’s large and magnificent and I bought it on an awesome buying trip/mini break/ solo mission last year. It was the last shop I hit and I was pretty tapped out. Like very. Knew I had already spent far too much. Eek. But also knew when I went out and sat in the car, I would drive back to Sydney organising freight. And then it might break. And then be so annoyed with myself for indecision…

Anyway I was trying to do a short post because I know we are all too busy for words… So yeah. I went back in. Maxed out the plastic on glass. Bought it. Loved it. Still do but… yup, it’s up for grabs.

Quick before I change my mind.

Orange Empoli Italian cased bottle, god I love that faux wicker texture. It could be cheesy if not perfectly executed. Lucky it is.

Tall double cased [cased= white lining] Empoli Italian bottle vase, in that Per Lütken, Holmegaard kind of way.

Yellow cased jug. Mid century. That crazy arse shape. Was a ….. to clean, so visibly filthy inside, got a scourer stuck in there [amateur] and after a few days and a smart idea from Gemma in the shop next door I reefed it out with the bent hook of a coathanger. So relieved. Ridiculously happy over a small triumph #nerd

Time for a drink, cheers

in Newport shop this week
interested? ask here

catch the sun Waechtersbach sunny yellow caninsters wide Yes, the sunlight’s fading but contain yourselves Sydney. Don’t get SAD. Store some cool stuff in a happy place and brighten up the grey wet winter coming too soon #notready

Waechsterbach West German Canisters in yellow and black [sold already but now regretful, they looked so nice and sunny on my sideboard d’oh!…but they couldn’t have gone to a happier home, sounds like a cliche but seriously could not. ] They had been sitting inside the sideboard as I didn’t have the lids for so long, like over 2 years, and would you believe when I was finally spurred into looking for a keen customer, on Ebay around the corner, literally 5-10 ks away and on my way home later, they were also available on buy it now? And the seller responded straight away. I had my lids which did fit, what are the odds really? There were no others for sale anywhere in the world the same size. Solved and sold within the hour. Wait what did I just do? Ah… sweet yellow sunshine come back…

sugar sugar hornea stripe pineapple jam pot
Leadlight sun mirror from Camden markets, NFS, it’s super cool but only small fry. Wanting a big sun god. More of that later… Anyway the super sweet Hornsea Stripes and Pineapple jam pot are good to go. But may not last. You can grab them here

pyrex daisy casseroles sunburst mirror
Pyrex casseroles, this pattern’s often called Sunflowers though it’s actual name is Daisy, according to Pyrex Love. These two went fast, also gone before I had time to think. But always chasing more.

sunburst mirror sunny yellow retro canisters So, looking on the bright side… Worshipping our new Sunburst mirror. A souvenir of my time working on The Block. Shaynna Blaze decorated a room in Hollywood Regency style for the tv show Open House. See it  [and my graphics ] here. Of all the new retro style mirrors out there, this one IMO, is the super hot shining star. Shaynna nailed it. I caught the last one, sorry people. Got it from Mezzai. They may get more.

Not new but catch this
Eyes closed, could swear it’s Tim Rogers. No, it’s Doves = brilliant. Big new fan.

hornea canister sunflower glass leaves


There was once a beautiful water-nymph called Clytie. She had wonderful golden hair, and every day she used to come forth from her pool, and comb it. It fell around her face in great waves, and shone in the sun like gold. Clytie loved the warmth of the sun. She used to watch for Apollo’s chariot to come through the gates of heaven every morning. Then the world was flooded with the sunrise, and hills and valleys rejoiced. One day Clytie saw Apollo driving the sun-chariot. He wore his dazzling crown, and his face shone fair and bright. He was strong and handsome, and held the reins of his four fiery horses firmly in his powerful hand. Through the sky he went all day long, driving the  horses along the middle  way. Clytie watched him, and admired his strength and his beauty. She was sorry when the sun-chariot entered the western seas, and was lost to her. Darkness came over the earth, and Clytie shivered. She returned to the water, and dreamed of the bright young sun-god all night long. The next morning she arose before dawn, and stood by the side of the pool, watching for  the return of Apollo. Soon a golden light tinged the eastern sky, and then the sun-god came forth once more. Clytie watched him eagerly. All day long she followed his course, sighing when he returned to the west. The little nymph fell deeply in love with the handsome god. She thought of him and of  nothing else. No longer did she return to her  pool at night, but stood waiting in the darkness for the first golden gleam to appear in the east. She longed for Apollo to see her, and to return her love. She felt certain that if he saw her waiting for him, he would come to her  with  loving words. So all day long she watched and waited for him to see her. She combed out her pretty hair so that it hung round her face  like  a sheet  of gold. It gleamed in the sun, and shone so brightly that her sister nymphs came up to her and stroked her head. But Clytie paid no heed to them. Always she watched for the moment when Apollo would see her and smile. But the sun-god did not turn his head. He looked straight before him, keeping his fiery horses on their difficult way. He did not see Clytie of the golden hair watching him with loving eyes. Day after day the nymph saw Apollo drive out from the eastern sky, mount the heavens, and return to the western seas at night. Her  face turned to him wherever he went and followed his course all day long. For nine days Clytie watched the sun-god, and never once did she take her eyes from him. She had no food and no drink, save only her own bitter tears. Then, on the ninth day, when she would have moved, she could not. Her feet had become rooted to the ground. Her arms and fingers were green leaves. Her face, with its halo of golden hair, had become a flower! Clytie was a sunflower. She could neither speak nor weep; but still she turned her golden head towards the sun, following his course the whole day through. And from that time to this all sunflowers do the same their pretty golden faces look always towards the sun-god, as he drives his golden chariot through the sky.

Ancient Greek myth retold by Enid Blyton in Tales Of Long Ago

deans Tales of Long Ago Enid Blyton

A book my mum gave me Long Ago. My son read it recently and he loved it too. Will keep forever. Second Edition. Love these seventies Enid Blyton hardcovers by Dean & Sons. They bring back warm happy memories.
So cool aren’t they?

Is it an incurable addiction to collecting vintage kitchen implements?

ORANGE retro utensils skyline vintage enamelyellow skyline utensils strainer retromass utensilitus Blue Skyline enamel etc copy


oversized and engorged utensils of a certain age?

oversized novelty seventies teak fork and spoon copy

Whatever the diagnosis, this strange bug is not to be confused with another designer affliction uncommonly known as stencilitis
of which I also exhibit classic symptoms.

I may not recover but I have the tools to cope.


egg yellow Pyrex Rosti collection

Hello, Yellow!…
Yellow equals Happy Chic joie de vivre and sunny optimism.

Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic Colors

Also to be found in this gloriously colourful book, the following quote by Vincent Van Goph, master of golden goodness.

Yellow is capable of charming God.

Actually it’s been suggested that Van Goph’s yellow period, when he painted Sunflowers, Starry Night and Night Café among others, was due to the sideffects of excessive digitalis, which is not an over-saturation of electronic devices but too much of an extract from the plant Foxglove. Van Goph was prescribed this to suppress his epilepsy and manic behaviour.  Symptoms of this condition [Xanthopsia] are blurry, haloed lights  [check out Starry Night] and yellow tinted vision. *

The alternative theory is he liked yellow. Or it’s a combination of the two…

Egg yolk yellow Danish design melamine
Speaking of combinations…

mixing yellow

More Jonathan Adler reference. Why?

Totally modern, totally retro. Design Genius.

>> When in doubt: yellow + gray

Tone down yellow’s brash sunniness with sedate gray for a soothing ’40s feel. You can’t go wrong with this duo. Any shades will work.

yellow black white single serve tea cup setone kind design collection yellow storm

>>Chic and Classique: yellow + green.

This zesty pairing is a one-way ticket to Palm Beach

vintage pineapple shaped tooljonathan adler yellow and green

>>Tricky Treat: yellow + black

Keep it from reading ‘bubblebee’ by letting back and white predominate and spooning in just a soupçon of yellow.

Patrick Caulfield Coalport Tate Gallery VaseGreg Natale Jonathan Adler

let your fingers do the walking:

Pics 1 & 2:

Sunny side up
Rosti Mepal, Danish icons in egg yolk yellow.
Buy here : Pitcher & 1.5 L Margrethe bowl
other bowls  & various utensils for sale in store or  email me for more info

single serve Bristol Cotton Grass tea cup set buy here

Onekind Design hand screen printed bedlinen in Yellow and Storm, buy here or available in store at urban rustic 6b Robertson Rd Newport.

Pineapple slicer. A cute Australian invention. I gifted it to Megan Morton, the most vibrant Pineapple Head I’ve come across. Check out the killer Pineapple heels she discovered, pinned here.

Image: Jonathan Adler

Patrick Caulfield fine china vase by Coalport 1997, designed to commemorate the opening of the Tate Gallery London. Sold.

Image: another Jonathan Adler advocate, Greg Natale

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rolls royce jug concorde jet playing cards copy

For the gentleman who may or may not have everything.

The Rolls Royce of jugs. Men like jugs. I’ve heard.

While you’re at it, check out the BA Concorde Flight deck, still in plastic. Not something you see everyday. Or ever again…

And I’ll throw in a Rolex. It’s genuine. Swiss made.

Rolex Lucerne souvenir spoon

Heh. Just stirring. But we all love to spoon…

Have a fantastic Father’s Day guys.


But wait there’s more….

Bonus clip for all the Number One Dads and Seinfeld Lovers.

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum

My summer romance with yellow continues
though the sunshine does not…

west german pottery retro mirror vintage furniture
[A sample of some items on my new website. Coming soon, if I can stop fussing.]

So it rains, and rains,  and now its autumn here in Sydney.

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold…
The Outsiders Pg 107

[This weekend we are the Insiders!]

If you haven’t read S.E. Hinton’s teenage masterpiece [or seen the 80’s heartthrob-filled-to-the-max movie than I guess I’ve lost you.]

Let me just say I was in LOVE with Ponyboy. Totally. Was crazy about this book, must have read it 10 times, the story, the characters, the cover, the lot. I am ashamed to say I pretended to lose this copy and never returned it to the school library.

SE HInton vintage copy

I am sure I paid a fine but as the crazy Muscle Man from Regular Show says [lost you again?] It was worth it!

What a guy! [Not Muscle Man, lets be clear, though we’ve seen plenty of him this weekend too.]

Ponyboy Curtis. Sensitive, sunset loving track and field star who was tuff looking but soft and soulful on the inside. Be still my 14 year old heart. No wonder. SE Hinton was a 16 year old chick.  And boy did she nail it.


One morning I woke up earlier than usual. Johnny and I slept huddled together for warmth – Dally had been right when he said it would get cold where we were going. Being careful not to wake Johnny up, I went to sit on the steps and smoke a cigarette.The dawn was coming then. All the lower valley was covered with mist, and sometimes little pieces of it broke off and floated away in small clouds. The sky was lighter in the east, and the horizon was a thin golden line. The clouds changed from gray to pink, and the mist was touched with gold. There was a silent moment when everything held its breath, and then the sun rose. It was beautiful.

‘Golly’—Johnny’s voice beside me made me jump—’that sure was pretty.’
Yeah.’ I sighed, wishing I had some paint to do a picture with while the sight was still fresh in my mind. ‘The mist was what was pretty,’ Johnny said. ‘All gold and silver.’ ‘Uhmmmm,’ I said, trying to blow a smoke ring. ‘Too bad it couldn’t stay like that all the time.’ ‘Nothing gold can stay.’
I was remembering a poem I’d read once.

‘Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.’

The Outsiders Pg 59


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say to you Mr Robert Frost that some gold things can stay. My wedding ring for one.
This concept had been unfurling in my mind for a few days, and then yesterday I stumbled on a box of these 1970’s gems at my local Red Cross. Lightbulb.
18 of them for $10. Gold! And yes they will one day crumble to dust but for now, it’s craft time…

craft books from the seventies 70s

Who am I kidding?  I haven’t done any craft, though I should like to.

It’s on the list. I saw these cute felt like playtime tea bags and cookies at Koskela recently. And it did occur to me that such a great yet simple idea could in fact be done by me at home. But then I thought, for $18
a] it won’t actually happen and
b] I should really give credit and support to the clever and hard working somebodies who created and put these products out there.
So I have more time to sit down and admire them with these sunny Corning mugs and my little girl. Guilt free too.

felt like playtime & yellow corning mugs copy
Kids in yellow rain coats_2Kids in yellow rain coats

I’ve been thinking about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it, he meant you’re gold when you’re a kid, like green.When you’re a kid everything’s new, dawn. It’s just when you get used to everything that it’s day…

The Outsiders Pg 127


Retro flower sifter
Made in Australia, so it must be old.

This one’s for you  Janine…

Rose Seidler House Wahronga

Bookplate from

An Inland Voyage and Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

by R.L. Stevenson

of course.

Pretty Flamingo

From Dazzles, Palm Springs. I died.

Dotty for spots, stars & stripes. My favourite Cath Kidston patterns.

This is just the beginning…

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