The world is full of so much stuff, right?

I have a problem with the masses of  cheap modern [or retro] looking things we apparently need when there’s already so much great stuff out there that’s perfectly functional and beautiful and well made. Just not new. Better than I reckon.

Just about everything in my catalogue is vintage or secondhand. I am not so much interested in the value of an item as how much I like it,  the design, practicality, quality etc, other times it’s the mood I am in, the colour or the collections I already have.  And of course I love the idea of saving these things from landfill and giving money to charities. Win win.

A thorough wash in the dishwasher and/or sanitiser and to me, these are just as hygienic as anything manhandled in factories and transit. Best not to think about it too much anyway, but rest assured I am meticulous when it comes to cleaning items. And I don’t buy junk.

So here are the urban rustic collections. Let me know if I can help you find something, I love to look…